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Financial Literacy

Most people struggle a little bit with their personal finances.  We all want to spend more than we have, and it is tricky to figure out how much we should spend on each of budget categories like housing or food.  Individuals with developmental disabilities also struggle with their finances, but now there are resources geared toward the young adult with Autism.

Apps and Games:

Interesting ideas and information:

  • An app to help low income individuals with finances and resources?   Adults with disabilities are often low income: http://mymoneyappup.challenge.gov/submissions/9635-moolah
  • The University of North Texas (renowned for its ABA  and Play Therapy programs) has received funding to create videos designed to teach financial literacy to Auties on campus.  The school recently received two $2,500 Mary O’Neill mini-grants from the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education.  The videos are being developed at the UNT’s new Kristin Farmer Autism Center together with the Student Money Management Center.
  • An article from Autism Asperger’s Digest by Jim Ball on financial literacy discusses some strategies for teaching various skills: http://autismdigest.com/financial-literacy/

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