ABA and Autism Services

by Ata Bird

autismphoenixtattrans copy

I provide Applied Behavior Analysis services for families and individuals.  Services include therapy, consultations, respite, tutoring, and more.  My rates start at $15 an hour.

Contact me at atalece@gmail.com or by phone at (217) 766-1491


5 comments on “About

  1. I am the mother of twin Autistic men age 33 years old. They live at home with my husband and me. They have been thrown out of the last program they attended due to behavioral issues! Funny, considering that’s why they were placed in the program to address these issues. They were not up for the task I guess! Anything you can offer us I would be very appreciative.of.

    • I’m sorry I did not get a chance to reply until now– crazy summer! What geographical area do you live in, are there other services available, maybe something home based? What sort of behavioral issues? Everything we do is behavior, and if that behavior is reinforced then we tend to repeat that behavior. Reinforcement can be either positive or negative. An example of positive reinforcement is if I wear a dress and someone compliments me on it, then I am more likely to wear that dress again. The compliment was positive reinforcement. An example of negative reinforcement is if someone is insulting me and I bite them, and they stop insulting me. IF this happens, then I might decide to bite the next person who insults me. This is negative reinforcement because my bite helps me escape from a situation, the insults. Now some behaviors are reinforced in other ways, but many behaviors that occur in social situations relate to positive and negative reinforcement.

  2. I am interested in doing the same thing in my area.Can you please give me some information on getting started.Cindy

  3. Hello Ata, my name is —and I have a 4 year old autistic grandson with apraxia and behavior issues. His behavior issues are now —— I have a referral from Dr. Morton from Carle Clinic. I would like to have your help or having someone you know help us.

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